Software Engineer

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Built an app similar to Google Meet and Zoom in nature, but with great focus on recording high-quality videos remotely. Love to tackle algorithmic challenges and deep dive into distributed systems.


Google, February, 2022 – present
SWE, Android Auto

  • Amazing work in progress…

Swisscom, January, 2021 – January, 2022
Software Engineer

Developed end-to-end business features under Order Submission module by gathering requirements, designing/implementing solutions, and testing outcomes:

  • Migrated the development workflow from GitFlow to Trunk-based without any hiccup in our daily work.
  • Led and successfully completed releases of our frontend app for our 2.5m userbase by canary-rolling out the updates.
  • Volunteered and helped to hire dozens of Software Engineering talents by conducting technical and behavioral interviews.
  • Contributed to our internal wiki by writing dozens of technical & non-technical docs.
  • Helped to onboard a new joiner by organizing frequent 1:1 sessions in their first 3 months to help solve both technical and non-technical issues.
  • Improved our codebase by actively reviewing 4-5 pull requests daily.

OpenReel, May 2020 – December, 2020
Full-stack Software Engineer

Developed end-to-end video content creation tool:

  • Improved code quality and stability by removing flaky tests and increased test coverage from 50% to 90% with unit, integration, and E2E tests.
  • Contributed to code consistency and fast ramp-up of new team members by reviewing 2-3 pull requests daily and by mentoring new team members with onboarding.
  • Improved team onboarding by introducing 3-4 documentation files on project architecture and local project setup.
  • Delivered screen annotation feature by gathering requirements, designing viable solutions, organizing story grooming sessions, and laying out a release strategy.
  • Enabled incremental and reversible management of database schema by implementing schema migration using Sequelize ORM and NodeJS.
  • Delivered features: teleprompter (uses websockets for real-time remote control), screen annotation, video recording (uses MediaStream Recording API), and more.

KeyPlan Solution AB, January 2017 – July, 2020
Full-stack Software Engineer

Built several key products for retail market:

  • Saved users 5 clicks in a user workflow by enhancing our event scheduler component with drag/drop support.
  • Increased the availability of our client application from 0% to 50% offline availability by integrating offline support using in-browser PouchDB datastores which automatically sync with a remote CouchDB instance.
  • Optimized the whole CRM system and decreased load times for heavy reports up to 8 times by archiving old data.
  • Enabled our ML team by building an image cropping tool to efficiently create thousands of training images per day.
  • Decreased load time of our purchase history page by 80% by using database indexes and lazy loading techniques.
  • Reduced CPU usage by 50% to cut our computing costs by using a caching layer (memcache).
  • Decreased latency for our read queries by 40% to increase availability by using master-slave database architecture.
  • Delivered features: file hosting service (inspired by Dropbox and built on top of Amazon S3), reactive price calculator using Angular Framework, and dozens of KPI dashboards using Chart.js.

Pro7, June 2016 – September, 2016
Software Engineer Intern

Developed an applicant tracking system (a POC app) similar to Greenhouse, BambooHR, and Lever:

  • Gathered functional and non-functional requirements, created a high level design diagrams, and organized refinement meetings with the product owner and stakeholders.
  • Implemented: MySQL database schema using normalization techniques, peer-to-peer video interviews using WebRTC, and workflow dashboards using Chart.js.


Westminster International University in Tashkent, Sep 2014 – May 2018, BSc in Business Information Systems

  • GPA 3.6 / 4.0, Awardee of merit-based scholarship (covers undergraduate)
  • Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (November, 2015)


  • Developed a map-based online service for quickly finding masks during the hardest times of coronavirus distress (limited to users in Tashkent, Uzbekistan).
  • Co-organized programming workshops to teach beginners to code.
  • Contributed to open source on GitHub (e.g. FullCalendar, Coding Interview University)


  • Proficient: Java, MySQL, CouchDB, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular
  • Prior experience: PHP, Python, NodeJS, NestJS, MongoDB