Qanday referral so’rash kerak?

03 Jun 2023

1-chi xolat:

Notanish: Salom, Vohid aka. Yaxshimisiz? Ishlariz yaxshi ketyaptimi?
Notanish: [Javob olmaydi]
Notanish: Men Googlega topshirmoqchiman. Sizdan referral olsam bo’ladimi?
Notanish: [Javob olmaydi]

2-chi xolat:


Salom, Vohid aka. Meni ismim Palonchi. Umid qilaman sog’lig’iz va ishlariz joyida.

I am currently working at ABC as a Software Engineer. I have a X years of experience building software (attaching my resume). I am currently preparing for interviews at top tech companies (FAANG). Among them is Google as well. I would really appreciate if you could refer me.

For the last X months, I’ve been spending X hours each day for preparation:

  1. Learning Computer Science topics such as A, B, C, etc.
  2. Solving X problems per day.
  3. Doing X mock interviews per week.
  4. etc

Based on my prep schedule, I will be ready for the real interviews in X weeks. Thanks for your time. Looking forward to your reply!

Notanish: [Javob oladi]

Lesson: Do your homework!